Do I need to sign a contract?

To take advantage of the service, you must read and accept the terms of the user agreement. The user agreement is made available during your subscription process. In the case of a monthly subscription, you may end it at all times by contacting BiLL customer service at 1 877 447-8811.

In the case of a yearly subscription, you may not cancel your subscription before the end of your contract.

How will I be invoiced?

You may pay your subscription to BiLL with your credit card. When you register for service, you may go to the www.billproject.com site and fill the subscription form. You may then select your plan (number of users, monthly or yearly plan). The cost of your subscription will then be deducted from your credit card.

If you select the monthly plan, your subscription fee will be deducted automatically every month from your credit card. If you select the yearly subscription, you will get a 10 % discount compared to a monthly subscription for the same period. However, you will pay the whole fee at once.

Please note that you are invoiced in advance for the service. For instance, you are invoiced on the first of each month for using the service in that month. As for the yearly subscription, you are invoiced on the first day of each year of use for the year to come.

Do all users have access to all the data in BiLL?

Several access levels and rights may be assigned to BiLL users. Your system administrator has all the rights (create new users, create activity groups, etc.) Other user types may or not, according to the rights granted to them, generate reports, see the complete customer list, create new projects, assign tasks, etc.

What about BiLL level of confidentiality?

Agence MXO inc. markets BiLL for one single reason: to allow businesses managing projects to take advantage of the best online management tool available. We therefore use all our resources to offer you a robust and, above all, secure product. When you subscribe to BiLL, a service agreement is presented to you. This agreement explains in detail the following items :

  • Definition of service
  • Fee schedule according to the number of active users
  • Payment terms
  • Attestation and declaration of the parties
  • Megavolt obligations

As for information confidentiality and safety, you will see that we expressly deal with it in the following clauses :

  • Data backups
  • User data exclusive ownership
  • Non-disclosure
  • Non-utilization, to personal or other ends
  • Responsibility of the offender
  • Recourse against the offender
Is BiLL trustworthy and safe?

Yes! BiLL has been developed and tested for more than 3 years in several businesses specialized in project management before it was marketed. Its stability and ergonomics have been put to the test.

BiLL accounts are hosted on SSL secured servers and a user ID, username and password are required for each user. These servers are located at UnmeteredServers.com. You can visit their website at https://www.unmeteredservers.com/infrastructure/ to see their infrastructure information. In addition, backup copies of all customer data are made weekly.

Can you develop a customized version for our business?

For an additional fee, we can modify BiLL according to your special needs by adding features specific to your business. Our team will analyze, design and program a Web management solution perfectly adapted to your needs and budget, no matter what type of business you manage. Contact us for more details. Note however that adding special features may deprive you from BiLL free updates, since we will need to take you out from the standard BiLL hosting plan. Additional hosting fees could also be incurred in this case.

Are you open to suggestions on how to make BiLL better?

Of course! If you have ideas on how to make BiLL better and believe that they could benefit all our other customers, don’t hesitate to share them with us. We will examine each one. Your ideas might find their way in future versions of BiLL.

May I export data from BiLL?

Yes. The Reports module allows you to export all required data in a .csv or .txt format.

Does BiLL work with all Web browsers?

Although BiLL may be used with most browsers for Macs and PCs, it is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and later and Firefox 1.0 for Mac (the better choice for Mac platform) and PC. You should also make sure that your browser allows javascripts and that cookies are activated.

Do I have to download updates frequently?

No. BiLL is updated online automatically on a regular basis.

What must I do if I reach my user quota?

If you reach your account limit when you try to set up new active users, all you have to do is contact BiLL customer service at info@billproject.com. Note that you will be invoiced according to the number of BiLL active users.

Is there a limit to the number of projects, users or tasks which can be entered into BiLL?

There is no limit to the quantity of projects or tasks you can enter into BiLL. There is no limit either to the number of users, but remember that you will be invoiced according to the number of active users. Besides, BiLL keeps all the data (users, projects, times) so that you may generate at any time cost-effectiveness or productivity reports on any project, whether in progress or finished.

I lost my user name and/or password. Can BiLL help?

Contact your business’ BiLL administrator. He will easily be able to give you a new user name and/or password, since he has all the required authorizations.

How may I access BiLL?

It’s quite simple. Wherever in the world you are, BiLL will help you manage your projects. You just go to the address we will provide you with, identify yourself correctly with your user name and password and, with a single click, it’s just as if you were at the office.

Who is Bill designed for ?

BiLL is the ideal project management tool for any person or business having to manage projects, whether in design, advertising, communication, architecture, engineering, event management, etc.