Subscription to BiLL is invoiced monthly or yearly according to the number of active users who will use BiLL. This way, you take advantage of all the enhancements and updates regularly implemented by BiLL development team.


Number of active users Monthly subscription fee Yearly subscription fee
*If you select the yearly subscription, you get a 10 % discount.
1 24$ CAN 24$ CAN (save 29$)
2-5 48$ CAN 518$ CAN (save 58$)
6-10 93$ CAN 1004$ CAN (save 112$)
11-15 136$ CAN 1468$ CAN (save 163$)
16-20 171$ CAN 1846$ CAN (save 206$)
21-25 209$ CAN 2257$ CAN (save 251$)
26-30 243$ CAN 2624$ CAN (save 292$)
31-35 275$ CAN 2970$ CAN (save 330$)
36-40 306$ CAN 3304$ CAN (save 368$)
41-45 334$ CAN 3607$ CAN (save 401$)
46-50 347$ CAN 3747$ CAN (save 417$)

Exchange Rate

The use of BiLL is invoiced in Canadian dollars ($CAD). The exchange rate is applied by your credit card company at the moment of your monthly or annual payment. You may use the site to get an estimate of the payment for other currencies.


Individuals and businesses from Canada and Quebec must pay applicable taxes.

Number of users

If you wish to set up a number of new users bringing your total number over your agreed quota, you may contact BiLL customer service to indicate how many additional users you need. We will adjust your plan according to your request. You will be invoiced from then according to the new plan. If you have selected the yearly subscription, you will be invoiced for the additional employees according to the new plan and the number of months remaining in your subscription.

**For 50 or more users, please contact us at